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Photo Compress Pro 2.0


[NOTE: Android gallery app might not be too quick to update the changes made to photos so you might see same size/details or in some cases even same photo in gallery app after compression. If this happens, verify the photo using any file manager or explorer app. Please dont leave a bad review for this.]With focus on usability instead of appearance(simple UI) this app will allow you to compress large photos into smaller sized photos with very less or negligible loss in quality. Now you do not require any desktop or laptop computers with special software for image compression. Apart from compressing photos this app can also resize photos for you.
Some features of Photo Compress: 1. Compress, Resize, Crop photos 2. Compress or Resize multiple photos at once (See help provided in the app to know how to use it) 3. Allows you to decide quality of compressed image 4. Share your compressed photo(s) from the app 5. See preview after compressresizecrop operation. If not satisfied Reset Changes and try again with different values 6. You decide to keep photo Metadata(ex: EXIF) data or not. 7. Change location where compressed photos are kept. 8. Allows to replace original file with compressed file.
By compressing photos you can: 1. Save your internet data. So share even more 2. Save your phone storage space if you are running out of memory 3. Use this photos to upload to website which demand photo of less than specified size (example 50kb max). 4. If your friends have slow internet connection they will be able to download your photos more quickly.
Dont forget to read help provided in the app to know how to use this app.